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- Zero infrastructure connectivity
- Using your laptops, smartphones and routers
- Instantly setup a reliable WiFi-based ad hoc network
Where is LifeNet useful?
Disaster relief operations
Disaster relief agencies can instantly deploy a WiFi network on field in the immediate aftermath of any disaster. The network addresses their critical needs of coordinating activities and optimally utilizing available resources.

Connectivity in developing regions
In several remote areas in developing countries, providing connectivity has not been feasible due to the lack of infrastructure and resources. Such areas always remain vulnerable to disasters due to lack of timely communication. LifeNet can bridge this gap.

Sensor Networks
Earthquake monitoring, forest fires detection, air pollution monitoring, landslide detection, etc. can be efficiently carried out by wireless sensor networks. The novel multi-path routing protocol is capable of providing highly reliable fault-tolerant routing mechanisms for such networks.
What is LifeNet?
LifeNet is free open source software, which enables consumer-devices like laptops, android phones and battery-powered routers to instantly form an ad hoc WiFi network without any infrastructure like towers / base stations. It is ideal for providing connectivity in areas where communication infrastructure is destroyed or does not exist.
Why is LifeNet useful?
In the wake of major disasters, the failure of existing communications infrastructure and the subsequent lack of an effective communication solution results in increased casualties and considerable resource wastage. Current options such as satellite communication are expensive and have limited functionality. A robust communication solution should be affordable, easy-to-deploy, require low-to-zero infrastructure, consume little power and facilitate Internet access.
OpenWRT branch merged!
The OpenWRT branch of LifeNet has now been merged with the main source tree. Please checkout the github repository for more details.
Accepted in SIGCOMM'11!
Preliminary evaluation of LifeNet is accepted as a demo paper in SIGCOMM'11 (Toronto, Canada). Looking forward to invaluable feedback from the research community!
Blog: Porting LifeNet on Android!
Please visit our blog to read a detailed account on how we ported LifeNet onto the Android platform.

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